Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Trip to Florida

Ben and I took the boys to Florida where we went to all 4 of the Disney parks, 2 Disney water parks, and Sea World.  I had the flu for the first couple of days and then I pulled a muscle from coughing and was in pain for a few days, Coop got sick and didn't feel good a couple of days toward the end of the week, and Ben got stuck trying to keep the boys straight because my throat hurt so bad I couldn't really talk for the first half of the week!... but the boys had fun riding rides and meeting all of the characters (Coop did the days he wasn't sick anyway) and it was fun to see them get so excited.  I wouldn't recommend going for such an extended time though... you are very busy and after about 4 days you're exhausted.  We were gone for 10 days total, and went to a park for 8 of the days.

Who would have thought... Cooper went down a water slide of his own volition and loved it!

Bradley getting ready to go down the tube slide.

Ben and Bradley on the river rapid ride... Kyler was very upset that he wasn't big enough for this ride!

Kyler playing in the water.

Bradley and Coop outside the Beauty and the Beast performance at Hollywood Studios.

Bradley and Kyler.

The boys posing in front of the Muppet Babies water fountain.

The boys got to meet Goofy, Donald, and Minnie at the character breakfast.

Everyone with Donald!

Bradley and Kyler at Epcot.

The boys and Stitch.

The boys all got Mickey Ears with their names on them (they saw it on Jon and Kate and wanted to do it too) and they actually wore them around a good bit.

Meeting Mickey!

... and Donald (again)!

Cooper didn't have much fun this day... he wasn't feeling well and he spent most of the day asleep.  (This is why he wasn't in any of the previous pictures with the characters... we hated to wake him.)

For lunch this day we ate in Japan at Epcot... of course Kyler and Bradley thought they had to climb all over the rocks.

Kyler and Bradley got to meet the Genie.

Bradley and Ashley being silly in China.

Ashley and Coop riding a space ship ride.  He finally recuperated from the previous day and got to have some fun.

The last day we were in Florida we took the boys to SeaWorld.  Bradley and Cooper enjoyed it for a while, but Kyler loved it all.

Ashley and Kyler petting Sting Rays.

Kyler trying to get the Sea Lions to come over to him.