Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

After Bradley's birthday party we spent the rest of New Year's Eve hanging out with family and friends.  All the boys got on their ATVs and had a blast in the pasture... we had about 4 dirt bikes and 4 or 5 4-wheelers going at one time... plus a tractor!  Then we headed over to Alicia and Tyler's to hang out and ring in the new year.

Samuel getting some work done on the farm.

Hunter trying out the dirt bike... I know what he's going to want for his birthday.

Ben and sweet Sarah.

Check out that belly!  Allison and Ashford... we can't wait to meet him!!

All the girls... Ashley, Allison, and Alicia.

Bradley's Birthday Party

For Bradley's Birthday he wanted to go to the Japanese Restaurant so we got a few of his friends and some family and headed that way.  Not all of the boys enjoyed the food, but they seemed to like watching the food be prepared and spending time together.  I know it was a lot of trouble for everyone to go so far... thank you... Bradley had a great time.

Zuri had fun hanging with the girls and enjoyed watching the food being prepared also.

 All of the boys (except Noah... behind the cook's arm).

Noah was REALLY impressed!

All the boys outside the restaurant (thanks for the pic Libby).

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Addis Family Christmas

We had a great time celebrating Christmas with our family at my Grandma and Papa's house.

 Bradley has enjoyed his legos from Jessica and Adam.

Kyler with the Nutcracker that Mamaw brought him from Germany... he is very proud of it.

We got Kealie a pearl necklace... she's not too crazy about it.

Both of the girls got a motorcycle from Mamaw and Poppie... complete with a side car for their doll.  Kealie really liked hers, but Meggie was a little scared of it at first (she rides with Kyler on his all the time, so I'm not sure why...)

Meggie did finally decide to try it out with Kealie!

Kyler in his Christmas jammies and his dirt bike boots from Santa... he is such a nut!

Dirt Bikes

Everything covered in snow for Christmas... it wasn't too fun to drive in for ten hours, but it's nice to look at now!

 Ben and I got the boys dirt bikes for Christmas... they jumped right on and have been riding all over the place.

This is Kyler all decked out in his helmet, gloves, and boots.

This is Bradley with his helmet and gloves on... they think they are professional.

Ben and Meggie getting warm by the fire.

Meggie decided to come outside and check out the snow.

She loves to ride the 4-wheeler.

Layla with her Christmas outfit on.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


I think Santa forgot we will be moving soon...

The kids gave Ben a donut maker for Christmas so we decided to try it out for breakfast... it made cute little donuts and Meggie LOVED them... surprise surprise!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Zoo Lights!

We went downtown to check out Zoo Lights and check out some of the animals at night.  They had lots of lights up and many of them were shaped like animals.   The kids especially liked the one of the chameleon.  We also got to see a baby chameleon that was almost Sticky's exact size and an adult chameleon, which was neat.  It was pretty cold and we had to get bundled up, but we all had fun.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Snow and Birthdays

We've had a busy week playing in the snow and celebrating Bradley's 7th birthday!  It snowed Wednesday night and most of the day on Thursday and we ended up with a pretty good amount of snow.  They boys enjoyed playing outside while Meggie and I stayed warm inside!  Friday night the boys and I brought in a few bowls of snow and had a fun time chasing Ben around the house and throwing snow at him... we had some water to clean up but the boys thought it was great.

 Layla went out for a quick look around but didn't want to stay long.

 The snow was like powder so the boys had a hard time making a snowman... Bradley improvised by having one lay down on the steps!

Here is Bradley with his lazy snowman... he was thrilled that we actually had carrots that he could use for a nose.

Bradley and Kyler out in the snow.

Meggie wasn't too interested in being out in the snow, but Bradley got this pic of us when we were headed to the car to get dinner.

While Ben was home on Saturday they all went out and were able to make a real snowman.

Kyler enjoyed throwing snow balls at everyone.

For Bradley's birthday he wanted to eat Japanese with all of his friends so we are going to have his official party while we are in SC, but we did take him out  this weekend.  He chose to go to PF Changs and wanted to see the Zoo Lights at the National Zoo.  So, we headed up to DC and the traffic was so bad he decided he didn't want to go to the Zoo anymore!  So, after dinner at PF Changs we headed home (hopefully we can make it to Zoo Lights one day next week)!

 I'm making some cupcakes for Bradley and Meggie had to come check out what I was doing... she is always checking any noise that comes from the kitchen.

Bradley with his cupcake FULL of candles!!!

Meggie didn't waste any time digging into her cupcake.

She cleaned her plate...

and then wanted Bradley to give her his cupcake!

When he didn't she decided to ask Ben for more... I think she likes to eat!

 Bradley with his PlayStation Move Bundle.

This is Meggie COVERED in food (mostly mashed potatoes) eating a little debbie!  She ate as much as Ben for dinner... I think we're going to have to start giving her a limit... she is starting to get a little gut.