Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This week in Texas...

Mama and Daddy have been out here, but they had to go back to SC on the 23rd... and Bob and Marsha came out to visit.  The boys have really enjoyed having visitors out here and Bradley is threatening to go back to SC with Allison!  Meggie and I have been recuperating from our hospital stay, Ben had been busy with school, and the boys have enjoyed showing all of our company around El Paso... especially the pools!

Meggie catching a quick nap...

snuggling up with Daddy...

napping on the couch with Bradley...

and napping on the bed, even with Kyler trying to wake her up.  (She seems to really enjoy sleeping... I guess we know she got something from her Mama!)

Bradley playing at the El Paso Zoo.

Kyler riding the tiger.

Kyler just had to have a picture made in this hole in the wall.

One of the few times she has gotten mad at us.

Meggie is all dressed up in a sun dress for the first time to go out to dinner.

Nana and Meggie at the birthday dinner.

Bradley enjoyed Nana's chocolate birthday cake!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Texas Pictures

These are some of the pictures from Mama's camera from the last few days.

Kyler getting ready to head to the hospital.

Bradley and Kyler are excited to meet their sister.

Mamaw and Meggie Jane.

Poppie and Meggie Jane.

Napping with the duck Kyler got in his happy meal.

Meggie Jane getting her first bath at home.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Home from Hospital

We finally got to go home from the hospital on Saturday morning.

Meggie Jane wasn't too thrilled with the outfit Nana got her at first...

but it didn't take long for her to get comfortable in her first dress and she let us take some sweet pictures.

In her car seat ready to head home.

All the events of Saturday wore her out so she spent most of Sunday just relaxing.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Meggie Jane

Meggie Jane is here... 7/16/09 at 5:49pm... 6 lbs 14.9 oz... 18 in.

Bradley and Kyler were excited to meet their new sister.

Ben and Meggie Jane.

Meggie Jane just got her first bath.

The nurse found her a really sweet pair of booties and a hat.

Sporting her William Beaumont Army Medical Center attire.

Bradley, Mamaw, and Meggie Jane.

For anyone who was wondering, yes, Kyler already can't stand it when she doesn't have her passy!

Kyler, Mamaw, and Meggie Jane.

Meggie Jane wearing her preemie gown for the first and last time... too small!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Since we're out in El Paso we decided to check out some of the local entertainment... we went to one of the local baseball games.

We were there on the day they have $0.25 hot dogs so that's what we enjoyed for dinner.
The boys got to meet the mascot!

Kyler stuffed his face with a bag of cotton candy.

The boys had a pretty good time at their first non-rec center baseball game... they were upset that they didn't get to catch a baseball, but the fireworks at the end were a hit.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Forth of July

For our Fourth of July celebration we headed up to Carlsbad Caverns and spent the day looking at rocks and other cool things. 

Ranger Bradley is ready to show Kyler to the cave.

Starting down the hill to the main entrance of the cavern.

Bradley's excited and ready to go... he kept saying "I can't wait to tell Jeb about this, he would love it!"

Taking a rest down in the cave.