Friday, July 13, 2007

Fontana Dam

Papa, Gigi, Ashley, Bradley, Kyler, Casey, Karah, Cooper, Tim, Liza, and Scott all went to the Addis family reunion in July at Fontana Dam. We had fun visiting with family, eating, swimming, dancing, and seeing the dam.

Cooper trying to get to his favorite person...Ashley!

The boys had fun playing with all of their cousins.

Ashley, Karah, and Bradley walked across the dam. Gigi stayed back with Kyler because she was chicken to walk across.

We all enjoyed a meal at one of the restuarants at the resort.

Liza thought it would be a good idea to fill up the whirlpool and let all the boys swim inside. They had a great time getting everyone and everything wet.

Bradley and Cooper wanted to join Kyler in the play pen with his toys... it didn't last long.

Ashley, Karah, and Scott out on the bridge. (We know you are jealous Jessica and Hannah!)

Ashley, TIm, and Karah on the bridge.

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