Saturday, April 26, 2008

Coop's Birthday

Cooper is 2!!  Cooper had his 2nd birthday and his party had a pirate theme.  

Bradley and Hunter enjoying some chicken, chips, and fruit.

Jeb enjoying some fruit, fruit, and more fruit.  He especially enjoyed the blueberries!  My Mama and Grandma thought him shoveling blueberries in his mouth was the funniest thing ever.

Cooper got a sandbox from Karah and Casey and it was a big hit!

Jeb enjoyed climbing on the trailer.

Cooper's favorite gift was his baseball equipment from "Asss"... which is what he calls me.

The second funniest moment of the party was Jeb trying to bust the pinata... he really got into it!  We're glad he came or we wouldn't have had anything funny to remember!

Blowing out the candles... for about the 12th time.

Cooper relaxing in his jeep while Kyler takes him for a ride.

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Karah said...

I love how in the picture of all the kids playing in the sandbox, pa-pa's is sitting in the van....what an idiot!!