Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What we've been up to...

We made it to Texas finally and we have been having fun exploring a new city and finding fun things to do.  There are about 4 different pools and several big playgrounds that the boys have been enjoying.  Two of the pools have a couple of slides that they can go down and they have been having a blast on those.  I've found a Dr. and we will be scheduling a date for my c-section on June 18th, so I'll be sure to let everyone know when that will be going down!  I am definitely ready to be done with this!  I've gotten behind posting pictures because we have been packing up, moving, and my hard drive went out in my computer, so be sure to check out some of the post I did tonight if you have a chance... they go all the way back to our trip to Florida at the end of March.  We miss everyone back home, thank you for all of your prayers for safe travel, and we will be putting some new pictures up soon! 

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