Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Williamsburg, VA

Since the weather has been pretty cold and we've been stuck in the house a good bit we decided to take a trip down to Williamsburg.  We went to Colonial Williamsburg and spent the day walking around there.  We found a couple of things that the kids thought were neat, but for the most part it was not very interesting to them.  However, we also stayed at Great Wolf Lodge and they LOVED that... we kept it a surprise and they didn't know what it was until we got there.

 The Jail was probably the most entertaining for the kids (and Ben).

They especially loved the bathroom area.

Kyler got mad at the water park because he was not big enough to do the knee board ride and this is Meggie "loving" on him to make him feel better.

We got to listen to a story and then it snowed on us in the lobby of the hotel.

The boys planning something at the water park.

 Meggie had a great time in the wave pool... we tried to get some pictures but most of the ones from the water park didn't turn out well (bad lighting for pics).

I did take these two videos below of the boys going over this obstacle corse thing:

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