Saturday, August 7, 2010


We decided at the last minute to take a short trip up to Pennsylvania. Kyler has been wanting to go to Sesame Place since he saw it on Jon and Kate and we have all been wanting to go to Hershey so we decided to go.

The kids all took a nap on the drive up Friday night so when we got to the hotel they were ready to party... finally about 1:30 am we got them to sleep!

The next day we headed to Chocolate World and found Hershey Kisses for lamp post.

We did a chocolate tasting at Chocolate World... Kyler didn't enjoy having to wait to eat each piece of chocolate.

Meggie enjoyed the chocolate tasting better than anyone. She even liked the true cocoa milk that was just like the drink chocolate was originally used for.

Bradley also enjoyed the chocolate tasting and did a wonderful job of following all of the directions.

Waiting in line to ride the Trolly.

The entrance to Hershey's Chocolate World.

Meggie and Ashley checking out the town of Hershey.

The factory where they make the Hershey bars!

Ben, Meggie, Bradley, and Kyler hanging out with the Reese's Cup.

Ashley, Kyler, Ben, and Meggie waiting to go into the Create Your Own Candy Bar factory.

Bradley deciding what he wants in his candy bar.

Kyler deciding what will go into his candy bar.

Meggie just hanging around the candy bar factory.

Kyler checking out the huge barrel of chocolate.

Kyler's candy bar being made.

Bradley's candy bar being filled up with chocolate.

The sprinkles going on top of one of our candy bars.

Kyler watching his candy bar wrapper being printed.

Bradley watching his candy bar wrapper being printed.

We also got to see a 3D movie about chocolate and rode a ride that told all about how they make chocolate.

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