Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

My first trip out on Black Friday was with Allison and her mother-in-law and we went to Wal-mart at 5am... it was so amazing I told Ben and Mama they had to go just to witness it so the following year we did just that... I think it scared Ben for life (I'm surprised he ever went back in Wal-mart!)  Since then Mama and I have gone every year... Karah has come a few times and she can hang pretty well.  But, this year was a first... Grandma decided that she wanted to come with us so we could help her pick out some gifts for all the kids.  So, she loaded up with us and we headed for Wal-mart at midnight, then off to Target where the line was so long we decided not to wait, Toys R Us (arrived about 2 am), snack time, back to Target (arrived at 4:30 am) where we got our stuff and got in line and it was so long we left again, Lowe's, Dick's, back to Wal-mart for the 5 am sale, and then back home.  I think that was about right... it was all kind of a blur.  I crawled in Bed around 8 am on Friday morning.  But... Grandma held out as well as we did!  I hope I get around half that good when I'm in my eighties.  I took my camera because I had planned to get pictures throughout the night, but the only time I thought to bring it out was as we were loading up after leaving Toys R Us.

The rest of the day was a little more peaceful... after a few hours of sleep I headed out to the farm to meet up with Ben and the kids.  They had a great time spending the day with cousins.

 Noah, Samuel, Bradley, Jeb, Cooper, Kyler, and Caleb

 Kyler brought Sticky to show him off.

Bradley did a little photography while we were there.

He is pretty good at getting people to ham it up.

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