Thursday, January 13, 2011

Last day in DC... for awhile anyway!

We decided to spend out last day in DC just taking in some sights...

 We've been trying to make it over to Georgetown Cupcakes for months and we finally did it... the famous cupcakes were good, but I'm not sure they were any better than what we make at home.

Kyler wasn't crazy about the red velvet cupcake he picked out so he ate some of mine.

Meggie hanging out in Downtown... with the White House behind her.

The boys playing in the field beside the Washington Memorial.

At the Washington Memorial.

We had not been up in the Memorial since 2005 so we decided to do it again... luckily the cold weather kept the crowds away and we were able to go up without tickets.

Bradley, Meggie, and Me at the top of the Memorial.

All of the kids looking out the windows.

The Jefferson Memorial with the frozen Potomac in front of it.

Our tour guide, Bradley.

 While we were at the WWII Memorial Meggie just had to have her pic made beside the column that said Texas.

And of course Kyler wanted his pic taken beside South Carolina.

And Bradley.

Here they are cheering because we are headed back to South Carolina tomorrow.

Bradley got this pic of Me and Ben while we were walking around.

Kyler all decked out in his winter gear.

Ben in front of Iwo Jima.

After we got home Meggie and Kyler decided to hop in the bath and then had to hop right back out because Meggie had an accident.  They decided to hop in the sink and bathe off instead of waiting for a clean bath tub.  Bradley thought this was great and decided to take some pics.

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