Saturday, September 20, 2008

Camping with Jeb

Jeb and Jonas were going to camp out but Bradley was a little unsure about spending the night in the woods again so we decided to just go and hang out for a while.  All the boys had fun playing in the waterfall, making smores, hearing camping stories, and wrestling in the tent.

While Ben was getting the 4-wheeler Kyler decided to climb up on the tractor to see if he could get it going.

Even though it was dark and the water was cold the boys decided to play in the waterfall.

After getting in the ice cold river Kyler was freezing in his wet clothes.

Kyler, Jeb, and Hunter snacking.

Ben riding Hunter and Bradley back to the car on the four wheeler.

After playing at Allison's all day and Jeb's all night Kyler was tired.  He fell asleep on the way home, but was so dirty we decided he had to have a bath.  We got him in the shower, bathed him, dried him off, dried his hair with a hair dryer, and got him dressed and he didn't wake up.

The boys relaxed and watched a movie when we got home.

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