Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wedding Time Again

Once again it is time to find wedding dresses... Allison is getting married!  We went to look at dresses and all that fun stuff.

Ana Grace was there to look at flower girl dresses and she decided to do some of the photography for the day.

She got one of her Mama, Kelly.

and She-sha!

Here is Ana Grace in one of the thirty dresses she tried on.  She had a blast putting on the princess dresses and loved the crown she got to wear.  Watching her was definitely the funniest part of the day.

Allison had an absolute BLAST climbing in and out of all the dresses she tried on!

Can you say BRIDEZILLA!!

1 comment:

Abby C said...

Loved the pics of the wedding search...bridezilla is just plain mean..I did like that dress just needs a smile.

Loved the soccer pics...Bradley is simply adorable in that get up.
Jeb has recently fallen in love with football--oh no!