Sunday, May 3, 2009


Ben and I took the boys to Chattanooga one weekend while he was off "army work."  We had fun visiting the aquarium, Ruby Falls, and the Chattanooga Market.  It rained on us some, but we found plenty to do and the boys had a great time at the indoor pool at the hotel!

Bradley and Kyler checking out the fish at the aquarium.

Kyler's favorite part... the scuba divers.

Bradley petting a shark.

We went to Ruby Falls and had fun making our way through the cavern and seeing the waterfall at the end.

Kyler, Ben, and Bradley walking through the tunnel toward Ruby Falls.

Bradley, Kyler, and Ashley at the end of the tunnel at Ruby Falls.

Kyler trying to find some precious stones.

Bradley panning for stones.

Kyler climbing up the rock wall.

Bradley and Kyler racing up the rope ladder.

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