Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Texas Trip - Day 2

On our way to Texas we tried to stop and do some fun things so the boys wouldn't get so sick of being in the car.  On our first day we had planned to stop at the Birmingham Zoo, but because of the rain we had to go to the Children's Museum instead (where we forgot our camera).  On our second day we stopped in Louisiana and went to Gator and Friends.  They had a petting zoo and a huge pond with tons of alligators in it.

The boys had fun feeding the deer...

.. zebra...

.. cattle...

.. and even kangaroo.

There was one kangaroo that let us feed and pet her for a long time.  We also got to see a kangaroo that had a baby in its pouch.

Ben even got in on the action and fed some ostrich...

.. and some camels.

We got to see the alligators in the pond being fed.  It was fun to watch them going crazy trying to get a bite of food.

Then the boys got to pet an alligator.

They both thought that petting the baby alligator was awesome.

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