Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kyler's Birthday Party

Kyler turned 3 this year and he wanted to have a "Monster Truck" party. We got some Monster Truck decorations, invited over all our friends and family, and played and ate lots of cake.

Jonas and Samuel.

Libby giving Noah his Monster Truck tattoo.

Allison and Meggie.

Caleb playing with some treats.

Kyler getting ready to play "pin the license plate on the monster truck."

Bradley, Marsha, and Granny.

Kyler testing out his new skateboard.

Hunter, Noah, Jeb, Bradley, and Cooper playing some video games.

Kyler trying to hit the Grave Digger pinate.

Hunter means business.

Kyler getting ready to eat some "Monster Truck cake."

Kyler getting a little taste of cake... it was his cake so I guess this is alright.

Jeb liked the cake too.

Nana liked the cheese dip.

Zuri hanging out in Meggie's crib.

A special thanks to Abby for being out official photographer for Kyler's party... we really appreciate it.

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