Wednesday, October 28, 2009


We got up and today was such a nice day we decided to spend it outside. We loaded up the kids and their bikes and went over to the Zoo. After walking around the Zoo and checking out all the animals the kids got their bikes out and they rode all over Cleveland Park. They had a great time playing and getting some fresh air.

Bradley and Kyler in front of the elephants.

Bradley and Kyler checking out the giraffes.

Meggie riding around the zoo.

Bradley on his bike.

Kyler on his bike with his helmet.

Kyler really love to ride his bike.

Bradley got stuck in a bit puddle.

Kyler though it would be fun to drive through a puddle, but he got stuck and flipped over... he was not happy about that.

I had to run in Target for a pack of diapers so Ben decided to stay in the car with the kids. The boys found this sign in a drawer in the car and Ben and Bradley thought that Kyler holding it up was the funniest thing ever. (Kyler is naked because he fell in the puddle and had no dry clothes to put on, but refused to keep the wet ones on.)

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