Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jeb's Preschool Graduation

Jeb had his Preschool Graduation. We enjoyed watching his program and hearing him sing some of the songs he has learned at school.

Jeb got to carry the Christian Flag as they came into the church.

Caleb and Bradley watching Jeb sing.

Jeb singing.

Waiting in line for their diplomas.

They gave out preschool superlatives and Jeb received "Most Responsible!"

Kyler with his rock star hair watching Jeb. (When I start to fix his hair now he always says don't do it like a mohawk, just do it crazy like a rock star.)

Even Meggie was well behaved... maybe because she was eating the whole time!

Caleb cheering for Jeb.

Saying the prayer.

Jeb and Bradley after the ceremony.

Meggie hanging out at Nana's after the program.

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