Friday, May 14, 2010

Picking Strawberries

The boys wanted to do some strawberry picking, and even though no one at our house eats them (Ben does but he is out of town) we decided to pick some to give away to all of our cousins that love them.

I thought Kyler would be just grabbing all the ones he could, but he did a good job of looking for the good ones and picking them. He did point to each one and ask me "Can we buy this one Mama?"

Bradley did a good job of picking the good strawberries too.

Meggie just got to watch us pick.

She did act interested in trying one, but she'll have to wait a couple more months.

Kyler, Meggie, and Ashley.

Bradley, Meggie, Kyler, and all of our strawberries.

Kyler got this picture of Bradley, Meggie, and myself.

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