Wednesday, October 13, 2010

American History Museum

We've been to the Natural History Museum several times so Bradley and I decided to branch out and visit another museum. We went to the American History Museum. There were a few exhibits that the kids enjoyed and there was a cool science room that they enjoyed.

They enjoyed listening to the slave children describe how life was for them.

Ben and Meggie checking out an exhibit.

Bradley and Kyler checking out an old boat.

Meggie and Bradley playing.

Ben having a chat.

Bradley building a road in the science area.

Kyler building a ramp for a marble.

Meggie getting ready to use some tools.

Ben loves museums and he is having a blast!

Meggie checking out everything with the magnifying glass.

Kyler and Bradley checking out the fountain outside the museum.

Checking out the fountain at the Ronald Reagan Building.

While we were downtown we got to watch part of the new Transformers movie being filmed. We got to see Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and a whole bunch of bad guys in a chase scene through DC. I'll admit I thought when Ben said the transformers were there it was going to be the robots, but the boys thought the cars were pretty cool.

Bradley biking downtown.

Kyler biking in front of the Capitol.

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