Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dinner Table

We had our little table in the playroom so the kids could use it for crafts or play dough, but we realized it wasn't being used very often so we brought it upstairs. Meggie loves to stand in her high chair so we decided to have lunch at the little table and see how she did. She sat the whole meal and didn't try to stand up once... imagine that!

We also took this video of Ben feeding Meggie dinner. She is such a messy eater that if she has already had her bath we will feed her if it is something messy. She has decided that if we try to give her anything besides the food she wants she will scream her head off. For example if we have corn, potatoes, and beans and she wants a bite of beans she will scream until you offer her beans (even though she likes all of it). She also likes to throw the other food if you try to give them to her. This video was toward the end of dinner, so she is a little upset, but it's still pretty funny. Our little diva...

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