Sunday, October 31, 2010


We couldn't find anywhere near our house that was doing a Fall Festival or Truck or Treat so we decided to just head out and do some old school trick-or-treating.  The kids got dressed up and and we walked all around out neighborhood.  Most of the houses were giving out candy and there were so many kids out it was crazy.

 Bradley had planned to just dress up in one of the costumes we already had in the dress up box... but when we got it out the day before Halloween we discovered there wasn't much in it that still fit him.  So... off to Wal-mart we went where his only choices were a Transformer or a Clown.  He wasn't real excited about either one, but after I told him Meggie would think the clown was funny he was sold!

 Our pre-trick-or-treating pics didn't turn out too good... Kyler and Meggie didn't want to participate.

Kyler dressed up as Shark Boy... not an easy costume to find.

Bradley all dressed up in his Clown costume... complete with face paint and hair.

Meggie and Kyler enjoyed being pulled around in the wagon.

Kyler and Meggie decided they were ready to go home so Ben went on with them while Bradley and I got a little more candy... until Bradley decided he was cold.  I gave him my jacket and then we had to head straight home... since I was wearing a tank top and it was freezing!

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