Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kyler and Kealie's Birthday Party

We had a birthday party for Kyler and Kealie while we were visiting the south.  We had a Batman/Hello Kitty theme and more importantly to the kids we had cotton candy and a huge slide.  All the kids had fun playing on the slide... even the babies.

 Kyler on the slide.

Bradley and Hunter sliding.

Mama and Jason manned the cotton candy machine like pros.

Zuri wouldn't try the cotton candy so Lele had to eat it for her.

Cooper, Caleb, and Jeb digging into their cotton candy.

Meggie loved it, of course.

Cooper ejoyed his cotton candy... and going shirt-less all day.

Kyler even got in on the action a little.

Kyler with 2 big wads of cotton candy... I'm pretty sure he ate both of them at one time.

Cake time.

Happy Birthday to Kyler.

Happy Birthday to Kealie.

Kealie digging into her cake.

Kyler showing his new lego set to Bradley.

Kyler's excited about the new Transformers from Jeb and Caleb.

The Bumblebee outfit was a HUGE hit.

 Knee pads, elbow pads, and gloves for Kyler to wear while he is practicing to be in the X games.

Kealie got a singing teapot.

She also got a Huggums doll.

She was so sweet loving on all of her new toys.

Here she is loving on her new stuffed animal.

Wasn't it sweet for her aunt to make this for her?

Meggie stuffing her face... for about the 3rd time today.

All of the kids on the slide.

Everyone on the slide (except Kealie... she missed the action).

Kyler taking Zuri down the slide.

Jeb meeting Sticky... Kyler's new chameleon.

Kyler has been wanting a lizard for awhile (Ben's friend in DC has one) so Mamaw and Poppie and Ben and I got him one for his birthday.

Caleb wasn't sure he wanted to touch it at first, but he did end up holding it.

 After the party we decided to bag up some cotton candy to save... it seemed like such a waste to throw away all that sugar!

Kyler was so worn out he was asleep before we got him in the bed... in his new costume.

Cooper and Meggie were pretty worn out too.

Kyler had a great time at his party with all of his friends.  Thank you to everyone who made time to come... it really meant a lot to us all.  Thank you for all of the fun gifts as well.  Kyler has enjoyed playing with his legos, transformers, bike gear, and Sticky.  He has also enjoyed watching his new movie and wearing his new pjs from Noah, Samuel, and Sarah.  He is itching to get to Toys-r-Us to spend his gift cards from Hunter and Zuri and his cash from Gr-ma and Gr-pa... I'll let you know what he picks out!

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