Sunday, September 26, 2010

Boats and Crabs

We finally made it over to see Bob's sailboat. The kids had fun exploring it and hanging out on the pier. Jonas got the kids the stuff they needed to do some crabbing and then showed them how. They thought that was the most wonderful part of the trip. I think they would have spend all day out there pulling up crab. They were actually pretty good at it and they caught quite a few. We even got to boil some and taste them before we left.

Caleb enjoying his biscuit.

Meggie giving Caleb a hug.

And of course she couldn't leave out Jeb.

Meggie checking out the water below... this is right before she decided to loose one of her crocs over the side! Luckily we had "Jonas the Bonus" with us and he was able to use a net and lasso the shoe before it was swept out to sea! Unfortunately, I was so distraught over the shoe I didn't think to get any pictures of this miraculous event!

Jeb, Caleb, Bradley, and Kyler all holding up there crabs. (After Jeb taught them how to do it without getting pinched!)

Abby found these awesome Monster Truck shoes for Kyler and he has enjoyed sporting them... thanks again for that Aunt Abby!

Messing around on Bob's boat.

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