Friday, September 3, 2010

Bradley's First Day of School

I told Bradley I would make him anything for breakfast and he chose dry frosted flakes!

Even Meggie got up early to see Bradley off... which is VERY unusual!

Kyler had to get a quick game in before we left.

Helping Bradley get his shoes on.

Meggie is all set to take Bradley to school.

Kyler is a little angry about having to get ready so early.

We took this video of Bradley telling us how he thinks his day will go.

Bradley heading in to school.

Kyler got this picture of Bradley sitting at his desk.

Bradley was really excited to start school and make some friends but his day didn't go exactly as he thought it would. He was expecting it to be more like his last Preschool class and he said it wasn't as much fun. He also said there were some kids in the class that kept talking and didn't know how to behave... and that annoyed him. He made a couple of friends and seems to like his new teacher. He also said they worked on writing letters and numbers and did several things that he already knew how to do. He told Ben on a scale from 1 to 10 his first day was a 5... so I guess it could have been worse. He does seem optimistic about next week and things being better.

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