Sunday, September 26, 2010

More Charleston Pics - from Abby

I thought I had looked at these pics on Abby's blog but then I realized that they were on facebook... so I downloaded them to my computer so I could share them too.

Abby with Meggie and Sarah.

The boys are checking out Sarah.

Meggie taking in the ocean.

What is this stuff?

I love this pic... nice work Abby!

Meggie took a few spills in the water, but she kept going back for more.

Caleb and Kyler had a lot of fun playing in the sand. Caleb wanted to bury Kyler and I was amazed that Kyler just sat in the sand and let him do it as long as he wanted to.

Bradley, Noah, and Jeb

Kyler trying to bust the Diego pinata at Samuel's birthday party.

While we were eating Meggie decided to reach over to Jeb's plate and take half of his cake... she had her own piece, but apparently it wasn't enough! Thankfully, Jeb is so sweet he just laughed.

Abby and Jonas got an awesome new camper and they invited Bradley to spend the night with them... he had a lot of fun and now he wants us to buy a camper too.

Hanging out on Bob's boat.

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