Saturday, September 11, 2010

Soccer, Chuckie, and Teeth

This is an Abby inspired post... lots of fun things put into one post!

Bradley started soccer today. He was mad that I signed him up because he wasn't crazy about it the last season he played... but I talked him into trying and he said after his first game that it was much more fun now and he wanted to go back.

Bradley running with the ball.

Bradley defending the goal.

Kyler cheering for Bradley.

Meggie walking around... she had all she could stand of watching Bradley!

Kyler was disappointed he didn't get to play soccer so we decided to head over to Chuck E Cheese after the game so he could have some fun too.

Meggie riding the Barney ride.

Kyler playing basketball... he has to stand on the game to reach the goal, but he make a good many of his shots!

Meggie eating... imagine that!

It was way past Meggie's nap time and she was so tired she was being silly.

All she needed was a shot of caffeine to get her going!

She wasn't sure what to make of this ride... she just looked at it with this funny look the whole time.

Bradley has had a loose tooth for about 7 months now and it finally came out tonight!! He was so excited because it has been driving him crazy and of course he is looking to make some money. Hopefully it didn't do any damage taking so long to come out... but we're heading down to meet our new cousin soon so hopefully Uncle Paul can take a quick look at it!

Bradley with his tooth... he finally let me pull it out tonight. Ben is very upset that he didn't get to be the one to do it... he had been bugging Bradley for days!

Here are the requested videos of Meggie walking around outside. Ben didn't realize he was shooting them sideways... so you'll have to turn your head to the left to see them!

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