Friday, August 21, 2009

28 days...

Here are some pictures from this week... we're counting down the days now... only 28 days until we're headed back to SC!

Bradley got this picture of Meggie snuggled up with Ben... getting up at 4 in the morning for training is wearing Ben out!

and this one.

Meggie... doing her normal thing at the pool!

Bradley swimming.

Kyler hanging out by the side of the pool.

We took the boys to the indoor pool and I think the air must have been broken... Ben was about to pass out from the heat!

Bradley sharing a secret with Kyler... he is probable trying to get him to do something that will get him in trouble.

The boys enjoyed taking funny pictures during one of the "pool breaks."

Bradley has 4 arms!

Meggie napping on the couch.

Bradley hanging out in the apartment... waiting on Ben to go to the pool.

Bradley took lots of pictures today... this is one he got of me and Kyler.

Bradley got a nice shot of himself with Meggie... with chocolate popsicle on his mouth!

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The Szweds said...

why are you all going back to sc? i thought you were going to be in el paso for a bit? meggie is adorable and the boys sure are getting big! hope you all are doing well. xoxo