Saturday, August 8, 2009

Alameda Park Zoo

Ben, Allison, and I took the boys to the Alameda Park Zoo in New Mexico today.  It was just a small zoo, but the boys had fun being able to get up close to several of the animals and playing on the playground.

Bradley and Hunter watching the Lemurs.

Allison and Hunter checking out the owls.

 Batman running around the Zoo.  (Allison and I found these Batman PJ's, complete with cape, and got them for Kyler... he, of course, had to wear the shirt and cape today over his clothes... at least until it hit 100 degrees when he had to take them off to keep from passing out!)

Bradley having fun at the Zoo.

Meggie thinks her Aunt Allison is funny.

Hunter, Bradley, and Kyler taking a break on a log.

Kyler riding a lion.

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