Saturday, August 8, 2009

White Sands

While Allison and Hunter were out visiting us in Texas we decided to take the kids back to White Sands.  On our way home last time we saw people sledding down the sand hills so we thought we would go back and try that out and show Allison and Hunter the blinding white sand.  The boys had so much fun sledding and Kyler is already asking when we can go back.

Hunter heading down the hill.

Meggie hanging out in the trunk (some of the only shade we could find) while the boys play in the sand.  Don't worry though, we didn't leave her there long... she spent most of the time in the car with the a/c going full blast!

Ben "surfing" down the hill.

Allison and Ben taking a break after climbing the hill.

Bradley hiking back up the hill with his sled.

Kyler started sledding as soon as we got there and he didn't stop until we left... over 2 hours later.  He would climb the hill, sled down, and climb right back up.  (I'll bet that medical marvel kid can't do that either!)

Bradley sledding down the hill while Hunter climbs back up.

Allison heading down the hill.

Kyler doesn't even need a sled to get down the hill.

We're not sure exactly how this happened, but Kyler decided to plant his face in the sand... he will be blowing sand out of his nose for days!

Bradley and Hunter being silly.

Ben and Meggie.

It was a bit sunny so Allison let Meggie borrow her sunglasses.

Meggie hanging out in the sand.

Our first family picture!

Ash and Meggie

Kyler sledding down the hill.

Kyler in his full Batman PJ outfit.

I don't think we are going to get him to wear anything but this for weeks.

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