Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pool Time

One day of Museums was enough for Ben, so we spent today doing the only thing that you can do outside... swimming in the pool.

I have posted some video clips of the boys going down the slides at the pool and swimming on YouTube.  To see them all you have to do is go to YouTube and type moorhead91882 in the search box and it will bring up all of our videos (most of them are just videos that the boys enjoy watching of themselves over and over!)  The following 3 links will take you to the most recent clips of the boys swimming:

Even Meggie got all dressed up in her swimsuit.

Good news Alicia... Meggie enjoyed laying out on a towel so you and Zuri get ready... you'll have company next summer out by the pool!

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The Swains said...

I loved watching Kyler swim...he is doing so good. I am glad Meggie likes laying out, it was awfully lonely this summer just me and Zuri