Monday, August 31, 2009

Toe Nails

After Bradley got done with his school work today we decided to go crazy and we painted Meggie's toe nails pink... the boys thought this was so sweet and could not wait to show Ben.


Denise said...

Oh, that is adorable.

Abby C said...

Where shall I start?
I love the toes.
I am thrilled you have your pics back--if only some of that luck could come my way...I lost it all and 700 bucks of equipment.
Ben finally has a child that looks like him! Meggie is looking like Ben and me!! I am thrilled.
Kyler's hair in the duckie pics is a hoot.
Tina looked great with Bradley too. You had some great body going on.
Congrats on the baby weight thing-WOW!
I love Meggie's bows..she is so cute.
Jeb will really, truly be glad to see the Jack Rabbit...we have some memory cards with those on it and as you know he is interested in ANY animal.