Thursday, August 6, 2009

At the House

Allison and Hunter came in to visit today... the boys were so excited to have Hunt here they could hardly stand it!  And Meggie will be spoiled rotten before Allison leaves because I know she won't put her down the whole time she is here.

I went to check on the boys because they were being quiet... which you know usually means trouble... and this is how I found them... they must be getting in school mode!

Meggie's umbilical cord spot has pretty much healed... I was worried we were going to have trouble with it since she ripped the umbilical cord off herself shortly after we got home from the hospital.

Right now she has an outie belly button, but Ben doesn't think it will stay that way... I guess we'll wait and see.

Hunter holding Meggie... he has wanted to hold her non-stop... I think he is ready for one of his own!

Meggie and Kyler sleeping in the bed.

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