Sunday, August 16, 2009

Messing around Texas

Meggie in one of her new bows that Aunt Allison got for her.  The boys think that she should have a bow in her hair at all times... even when just lounging around the house.

Bradley and Kyler had some fun taking pictures of Meggie... Bradley kept trying to get a picture of her while she was "smiling."

The boys got this 4-wheeler and Kyler just had to sleep with it.

Kyler and Meggie hanging out by the pool.

Kyler and Meggie relaxing on the couch... watching a movie.

Meggie likes to be snuggled up with someone at all times.

(I see what I can do about getting some pictures of Bradley this coming week!)

1 comment:

Abby C said...

Oh my...she is so beautiful. I am blessed to watch her grow on-line. She is changing so much. Keep the pictures coming. She looks less like Kyler now and more like she'll probably have her own new look!